Friday, September 13, 2013

Levi's Revel TVC : The denims are talking!

I am liking the ads by Levi's; as much as I LOVE the fit of these denims.

Crisp, Fine, Classic. Just like the denims, the ads are right on the button.

The new campaign by Levi's for the launch of its denims 'Revel' carries the intriguing tagline 'Let your body do the talking. And while you may have seen a girl upside down in the print campaigns, their television spots are as fetching.


The mood fits the ad. The song fits the mood. And the girls are just having fun. Like teh tagline, letting their body doing all the talking. The new ad by Levi's Revel is fairly simple. Get a couple of Korean and Indian models together to just walk around the screen in a pair of fitted denims. In empty offices, elevators, streets, rooms. Just be. I love how it focusses purely on 'movement'. Letting the body be the medium of expression, making us realise the important part it plays in how we are looked at. The girls moving to the perfectly matching beats of the catchy song 'Shake Your Booty' by Bunny Sigler. Honestly, its the superb use of the song that makes you sit up and take notice of the very well synchronised edited frames. 

There are not many brands that hail in the marketshare of denims but Levi's doesn't seem to take that for granted and still, year after year, produces some work of class, making women's butts a serious part of their business. The ad was created by a combination of Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai, Knock Inc., shot in Minneapolis by Levi's internal teams and OMD, its global media agency

If put to a gunpoint, the only flaw that I can think of is the absence of fuller women in the ad. If it makes denims for women all sizes, let's see some of them too, shall we? Meanwhile, put your speakers on full mode and enjoy this funky bassful 1974 classic by Bunny. Are you feeling it? YEAHH! 

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At October 16, 2013 at 5:14 AM , Blogger Vijay Raj Naikodi said...

Even i Luvd da ad. Well written review. BTW do u hv ny idea on who the Indian/Asian model used in this ad is???

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